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With less time to ourselves for engaging in leisure and socializing activities more and more people opt for meeting new people online and socializing via the internet. Now when you are willing to find friends online then why not find a date! Online Dating is a new trend increasingly being accepted in the society as a norm. If we run a simple search we are to find scores of sites inviting you to find your soul mate online.

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With hundreds of sites and millions of users registered on those, how is one to decide which site to register to and which profiles to sift out as authentic and compatible. There is no short cut to finding the perfect one in real life, so how can the virtual world be an exception! Many people are strongly discouraged from looking for dates through dating sites because of the risk of being duped into falling for the picture and personality of a 28 year old charming guy when it is actually a wrinkled up oldie trying to have some fun online. But then again, when you are trying to hook up at a bar or dance club even, you are prone to such risks. The people we come across in a night club could lie to us about being single, about their job or about anything under the sun to make us interested in them. When this threat of being tricked does not stop us from approaching anyone in real life then why online? Also we have access to so many singles on the web as compared to the single digit figures in a party. Want a way to filter out the losers and interact with authentic ones? Well there is no fool proof or fire tested way for that. It is just hit and trial that can yield positive results. You can pick out the unsuitable ones by being open and honest. Exchange pleasantries and preliminary information at first and do not be too intrusive. But when you realize that your correspondent could be your future date, you can very well exercise your right to information! Ask as many questions you like but do not give away rudeness and brashness along with your skepticism. Your queries should still be polite and non intrusive. If you feel this person is fit for you to a good extent, then only go ahead with a real meeting. An interface is always a very crucial part of online dating which many people tend to delay. This will only cause you more harm than good. You might be putting off the real meeting because you are scared of the risk of the other wonderful person being a spook or a psycho? Well then this is more of a reason to find out the person you have been fantasizing about is for real or not before you get to used to him. If this bubble of yours burst later then it might probably hurt as much as a real break up if not more. When you go looking for dating tips online you can come across some gruesome stories about internet crimes. How an innocent girl is made to believe a whole lot of fairy tales about a guy who is actually a serial killer or seeking revenge on her for turning him down a decade ago.

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Yes the possibility of coming across psychos is pretty high on the web as compared to real life. But you can take care of this dark side of Online Dating by not giving away too much of personal information. Yes you can definitely talk about your interests, hobbies, activities and the like. But do not give out your personal contact number or your living address in the beginning of your interaction itself. Especially avoid posting your personal details on your profile which can be accessed by every one of the members without even having to interact with you. A little prudence can save you from all the mess that is out there while online dating. Being too skeptical and pessimistic is also not advisable as there is a fine line of divide between curiosity and gross suspicion when chatting online. It might come out to be offensive to your correspondent which is also not healthy.

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If you straight away ask “Are you a murderer?” the person might just block and delete you without even confirming that he is not one! Some people may be so sunk in paranoia that they tend to have all these rigid rules by which the person should interact. Like just because some geek once greeted the girl with a ‘heya’ instead of ‘hi’ in the beginning of every chat conversation and later only was able to discover that he was a classic online dating loser, she would treat every ‘heya’ with a scorn and dump the person right away even without a chance to find out the reality. Flexibility is important while dating online or for that matter in any relationship. When you want to include a completely new person in your life, you need to make a few amends and accommodations so that he or she can be a part of it comfortably and is not put under a magnifying glass that is burning the sun into his scalp! With all the precautions said and done, let me remind you that online dating is meant to be fun. You are not looking for a match for your daughter that you have to scrutinize every potential match with extreme care. You are here to find a date! Yes the virtual world can be a booby trap to unsuspecting bystanders, but is not that what life is all about? Keep your guard on but do not let it hide your engaging personality either. Balance off the two and do not let it tip off in the favor of either. Yes safety comes before anything, just exercise a little flexibility in your interactions and feel free to flutter away with the butterflies in your stomach and the man of your dreams!